Frontline EHS Training Library

Frontline Data Solutions LMS includes a built-in library of over 400 environmental, health and safety (EHS) training material

Food safety & compliance

Covid-19 training overview

Chemical safety & compliance

Arc Flash

Battery Safety

100’s of EHS training materials and courses

When you implement Frontline’s Learning Management System (LMS), not only will you have options for creating your own content, but you will also gain access to a library of over 400 environmental, health and safety courses. These courses are suitable for basic training in most regulatory and industrial environments so it’s easy to start training your employees.

Many courses in the library include embedded questions and tests to reinforce learning and can be edited by your administrators to meet your specific needs. Our content authors regularly develop new courses based on their industry research and experience and can create new courses upon request from customers. In addition, for companies who already have an LMS, we can offer our LMS course library in AICC format, hosted on our servers.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations

Training Courses in other Languages

Chemical/material hazards

Legal compliance

Five-minute safety

Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations

COVID-19 Courses

Environmental, health and safety

OSHA-10 series

Process operations

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