High Voltage Electrical Training

Electrical shocks are highly dangerous and often fatal workplaces hazards. Businesses need to train their employees how to take precautions when working in areas where these hazards are prevalent.

And when it comes to safety education, the quality of your training materials can make or break retention. If you want a quick module to teach your workers about high voltage safety, check out this free course from the Frontline LMS.

During this training course, your workers will learn more about:

  • The risks of high voltage electrical shock
  • How to protect themselves during high voltage electrical work
  • The severity of electrical shocks
  • Selecting appropriate PPE for each task
  • Safety precautions in high voltage areas
  • How proper medical treatment must be provided quick and effectively

This module also contains information about OSHA regulations for electrical service workers, as well as how to respond to incidents when severe injuries occur. Both managers and workers should have this information in case of emergency.

The course comes in two formats: video and PowerPoint. You’ll get instant access to these materials once you submit the form above, and you’ll be able to re-access them at any point in the future as well.