Combustible Dust Training

Combustible dust particles are no small concern. If these hazards exist in your workplace, it’s important to know how to prevent them from causing deadly explosions.

Thorough preparation and awareness can reduce the potential impact of all types of hazards. And if you want an easy way to prepare your workers, take this combustible dust training from the Frontline content library.

During this free course, which comes in both video and PowerPoint (PPT) format, you’ll learn the answers to these questions:

  • How do dust explosions occur?
  • What are catastrophic secondary explosions?
  • Which industries have the most risks for combustible dust explosions?
  • What are the best ways to prevent these incidents?
  • What are best practices for controlling dust hazards?

At the end of the lesson, you should have a better understanding of how to manage combustible dust explosion risks. And you should be able to put what you’ve learned to create a safer workspace for yourself and/or your workers.

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