Oil Spill Response Training

Unlike contained incidents which have an immediate impact on your operation alone, oil spills can have an immediate impact on the environment as well. Having emergency response procedures in place is essential for reducing the negative outfall of these events.

But a reactive policy is the end of the line. You need a proactive strategy to prevent oil spills, and it should include a training program. Teaching workers how to act right away can greatly reduce the health and environmental impact of oil spills.

This free oil spill response training course from the Frontline content library will prepare your workers to do just that. They’ll learn about these topics (and more):

  • Oil spill response techniques
  • Mechanical containment
  • Chemical and biological containment
  • Tools and equipment for addressing oil spills

The course comes in both video and PPT formats, which you can access at any time for a training session.

If you’re interested in more training courses, you might consider looking into the Frontline learning management system. It contains more than 400 of these EHS courses for general training purposes.