Hot Work Training

When conducting work activities that are more likely to cause a fire, you need to take extra precautions to provide a safe work area. This principle falls under OSHA’s hot work guidelines, which require employers to certify their workers to perform potentially dangerous tasks involving sparks and other ignition sources.

Part of this process is training workers in how to secure a work area before they start using welders, torches, and other hot work tools. The Frontline course content library contains a permit module for this OSHA requirement which you or your employees can take to comply with the standard.

After taking this free hot work training course, you should be able to:

Define both “hot work” and “hot work permit.”

Identify the different hot work applications and hot work locations.

Understand OHSA standards that relate to hot work.

Apply the hot work permit program in your workplace.

Save this training module for either yourself or your team, making sure to revisit it annually to always keep fire prevention top of mind. And if you manage a facility that performs these activities regularly, download the hot work permit form which you can use to document your site’s commitment to safe working practices.