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A letter from our CEO, Ren Lu You

EHS professionals have a hard job. A lot’s changed in the 20+ years since Frontline was founded, but that fact remains. 

Your job is to make sure nothing happens – to your coworkers, your organization, the surrounding community. Sometimes I wonder why people choose this career.

Why would anyone want a job where the tiniest mistakes come with enormous consequences, and doing your job perfectly means you’re almost invisible? Then I’m reminded of what it would mean if no one stepped up to make that choice. 

Frontline was started by health & safety professionals working in the Chemical industry who recognized just how hard their jobs were and wanted a way to change that. EHS departments are chronically undermanned, overworked, and underfunded.

They’re constantly being asked to deliver better outcomes, under stricter regulations, with fewer resources. Our company can’t change that. All we can do is give people tools that help them stay ahead of these ever-escalating demands. 

We know that technology alone isn’t enough. Software, overstuffed with bells and whistles and accompanied by bare-minimum support, is more a burden than anything else.

That’s why we decided a long time ago that Frontline would represent user-friendly solutions that come with the best support services anywhere – not just in EHS, but across all software.

No one should have to sit on hold for 30 minutes, after navigating a labyrinth of menus, only to repeat themselves to a stranger for the third time. Least of all, people who have some of the hardest jobs around. 

Keeping people safe and healthy is so often a thankless job, but we’re grateful for every opportunity we get to make the lives of the dedicated people who do it anyway a little easier. 

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