EHS Software for safer, more productive organizations.

Automate your workflows, simplify compliance, and get more done.

Compliance is a constant challenge.

Our EHS software can help.

We give you the tools you need to optimize your workflows, achieve compliance, and become a safer organization. This is easy-to-use, web-based EHS software that takes a few days to learn and just minutes to use.

Finally, maintain EHS compliance without the usual headaches.

Save time

Replace manual spreadsheets and outdated EHS software with powerful, web-based applications. Spend just minutes each day in your system.

Minimize risks

Minimize the risk of safety incidents and create standardized workflows to optimize performance for the entire organization.

Stay compliant

Achieve regulatory compliance effortlessly by having clear documentation, responsibilities, and standardized procedures.

Michelle Berardinelli

Global Process Safety / Regional EHS Manager, Reichhold

From the initial contact with the Frontline team, to the easily customizable product, to the outstanding customer service and technical support, Frontline not only met, but in many ways exceeded, our expectations! There is no doubt that Frontline will remain a cornerstone in Reichhold’s continuous improvement for MOC and action item tracking.

Operations Team Leader

Large oil & gas company

Having the suite of products (MOC, ACT and LMS) allows us to manage training and change without a large department. They streamline processes so that extra money and wasted time is eliminated.

Safety System Specialist

large engineering & defense company

The level of customer service received has been second to none! Frontline representatives are friendly, knowledgeable, quick to respond and provide support and guidance which make using this system so much more efficient. I would highly recommend this product.

Ada Kari

Regulatory Compliance Specialist – Sinclair

The EHS software has been fully functional from the time we got on board. There have been some updates which were primarily aimed at improving things I didn't realize needed improving. It has worked well for us and once we got past the initial learning of the tool, we have had almost no need to request help. Help has always been available and effective, leaving nothing to complain about.

Dan Madche

Section Engineer – Dakota Gasification Company

Frontline has continued to improve the EHS software features and incorporate suggestions we have provided to them. They have been very easy to work with and willing to customize features when needed.

Why Frontline?

Trusted partner to leading global companies for over 20 years.

Safe & Secure

Your data will be encrypted in our secure data centers and available 24/7 to authorized users. A second data center provides continuous, redundant backup.

Unlimited Support

Unlimited technical support via phone or email before, during, and after implementation. We also offer comprehensive support services like training, integrations, and data migration.

Quick Implementation

Migrating to new EHS software doesn’t have to be painful. With our dedicated support team located in Houston, clients can go live in as little as two weeks.

Easy to Use

EHS software is meant to make your job easier, but too often it just complicates things. Our apps are designed with simplicity in mind, meaning that most users can complete their tasks within a few minutes.


Create any number of custom forms, workflows, and roles to do things exactly how you want to. Administrative users can fully customize their personnel, reports, and procedures any time


Our system is working for you even when you’re not at work. Automatically schedule reports to go out, reassign tasks whenever employees are absent, and update workflows based on form responses.

Low Maintenance

Our EHS software requires no installation and runs on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. We take care of all maintenance, updates, and backups so you and your IT department don’t have to.


Your human resources information, asset management, document management, and other systems are probably handled in different places. Whatever your organization’s unique setup, our EHS software can integrate seamlessly, including Single Sign-On (SSO).

Best Practices

Standardize your organization around best practices and make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Frontline’s EHS software is constantly updated with new features that reflect the practices of the best health and safety programs around the world.

Frontline’s EHS Software

Create standardized workflows for the management of change within your organization. Our MOC software allows you to create checklists, reviews, and approvals to thoroughly evaluate any operational, organizational, or equipment changes on one intuitive web-based system.

  • Simplify management of change with standardized, automated workflows
  • Reduce EHS risks with thorough, pre-documented MOC processes
  • Gain real-time visibility into changes happening across multiple sites and divisions


Safety is your workplace’s highest priority. Track all incidents, near-misses, audits, and related EHS events and store them in a single database with our Incident Management software. Effortlessly record and investigate these events and track completion of corrective and preventative actions.

  • Document all workplace incidents and EHS-related events
  • Create a single database of all events for future compliance requirements
  • Enforce accountability by tracking and assigning corrective and preventative measures

Keep your employees well-trained and informed on the latest policies and procedures with our Learning Management System. Create online or offline training materials, schedule and track training assignments, and automate reporting and reminders to ensure on-time completion.

  • Create online or offline training courses - from your own materials or using a built-in library of 400+ courses
  • Schedule classroom training and create tests for participants
  • Group training courses by skillset, job title, department, division, and more
  • Instantly access training records for auditing purposes

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Is Your MOC Process Broken?

Your Management of Change (MOC) process has been in place for years, but it’s time-consuming and a pain to administer. Procedures aren’t always followed, information gets misplaced, and it’s hard to know exactly what changes are happening minute to minute. Sound familiar?

The goal of any MOC system is to ensure that proposed changes to a potentially hazardous process don’t occur without appropriate review, thereby lowering environmental, health, and safety (EHS) risks. It’s mandatory in some environments, and simply a best practice in others. In all cases, it can introduce a lot of headache for organizations using outdated methods to organize the process. Keep Reading

What is an MOC System?

The MOC system must address changes that range from minor changes to major capital projects as well as handling temporary and permanent changes. This can be accomplished in many ways. Some companies have developed “one-size-fits-all” MOC processes that are used for every change. Other companies find it easier to have multiple MOC systems. The multiple systems can be split based on the type of change (equipment vs. procedural), the duration (temporary vs. permanent) or the size of the change (minor vs. major).

The decision to use an electronic MOC process should also be considered. The important thing to remember is that the MOC process or processes should be flexible, easy to use and fit your plant culture. Avoid following the MOC process for bona fide replacements-in-kind (RIKs). Keep Reading

How to Transition to Cloud-Based EHS Compliance Software

Most EHS professionals recognize the benefits modern cloud-based compliance software in helping them handle incidents, action items, MOCs, training, and more. And yet, many are reluctant to make the switch because of the headache and uncertainty surrounding the transition process. EHS is a mission-critical function, and you can't afford disruptions, delays, or mistakes coming from your IT system. Keep Reading

Is My EHS Data Safe in the Cloud?

When it comes to EHS software, there’s an ongoing transition that began years ago. Companies are moving away from on-premise systems to cloud-based solutions. That’s because EHS professionals recognize the fact that cloud-based software enhances safety, productivity, and compliance. And while EHS professionals understand the benefits of moving to the cloud, many of them have the same major question: Is my EHS data safe in the cloud?

The answer is yes! In fact, cloud-based solutions can provide better data security than on-premise systems. Let’s take a closer look at each of these options. Keep Reading

What Goes Into an RFP for EHS Software?

Many organizations see the RFP as an easy way to get information from all vendors at once, establish a measure of objectivity in the evaluation process, and also compile evidence for later that due diligence was thorough.

Here at Frontline, we’ve seen hundreds of RFPs of all shapes and sizes. When RFPs are done well, they help move the procurement process along in an organized way. More often, they end up becoming a burden to both the client and the vendors, and mires the process in a mountain of undifferentiated paperwork. Keep Reading

Process Safety Management Programs Explained

All companies handling or processing toxic, reactive, or flammable materials in excess of certain quantities must comply with OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) rules. This standard originated in the United States, but many countries have since adopted regulations built around the same principles. Likewise, some of the mandates of PSM have become best practices in industries not directly covered by the regulations. The PSM standard includes 14 elements, each of which require varying degrees of investment in effort and expense. Keep Reading

Tools to Manage Technical & Organization Changes in Process Facilities

Companies with process facilities need up-to-date tools to remain vigilant of Process Safety Management (PSM) and Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) risks, especially when it comes to monitoring process and operational changes that could heighten those risks. One such tool is the Heat and Material Balance (H&MB). Developed early in process engineering for a facility, the H&MB is a foundational document. Keep Reading

Gaining the Support of Management for an Effective Safety Management Program

The poster on the wall says “Safety First”, yet safety programs are often the first thing postponed or set aside. Priority gets placed on production, quality, and cost reduction and safety takes a back seat. There have been no reportable accidents in quite some time; so, all is well, right?

That false sense of security leads to a lack of caution. When the inevitable accident happens, the Managers are usually the most surprised. To be at all effective, a company’s safety program cannot be occasional or interruptible. It requires vigilance and dedication to keep the wolf away from the door. Keep Reading

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