Incident management software

A comprehensive tracking system for incidents,
audits, preventive actions, and more.

Manage incidents & track actions

Frontline’s web-based incident management software is a comprehensive tracking system for managing incidents, accidents, near misses, audits, inspections, and other EHS-related events.

The issue tracking software makes it easy to document, communicate and investigate such events, as well as track completion of resulting corrective and preventive actions.

Incident Management Solutions
Incident Mangement

Manage compliance processes

In addition to its function as an event/incident management system, it can also be used to track the completion of one-time or recurring EHS-related action items, such as compliance inspections and plant housekeeping.

Action item assignees can be asked to complete a custom form and address deficiencies by creating additional action items.

Oversee incidents and projects

With our incident tracking system, you can create a database of all the past and ongoing incidents, projects, and more at your company.

This allows for easier oversight. With everything in one place, you’ll be able to access all the information you need without switching between storage locations.

Incident management for heavy industry

Digitize, simplify, optimize
critical processes

Save time, stay focused, and work smarter with Frontline EHS solutions.
Hazard Analysis

Custom Events

Create custom event categories, along with custom forms to capture information about events (e.g. Incident and Near Miss Form, OSHA Injury and Illness Form, Quality Audit Form)

User Roles

Designate reviewers and approvers to assist with event investigation and identification of corrective and preventive action items with a click of a button

Action Items

Assign action items with specific due dates to individuals or job titles – assignees can complete or transfer the action item, report progress, and attach documents


Easily access a complete record of in-process, completed, and voided events and action items, with options for conveniently resubmitting voided events
Hazard Analysis


Allow frontline workers to report incidents, near misses, process hindrances, and other relevant events. Collect safety suggestions and engage employees

Recurring Action items

Assign standalone action items to manage compliance tasks (e.g. monthly PPE inspection, monthly safety shower inspection) assigned on a one-time or recurring basis

Process Tracking

Designate verifiers to confirm action item completion or request additional action. Gain insight into events and action item status and completion through custom and standard reports that can be printed or exported to dashboards or other programs
Safety Management


Notify individuals or groups of events, track sign-offs, and escalate overdue sign-offs. Create and manage multiple companies, locations, and departments and distribute user, administrative, and reporting access across levels. Customizable to your workflows
Task Management


Enforce action item completion through automatic email notifications with configurable frequency and options to escalate notifications to supervisors as well as get notified when tasks have been completed or are in process. Improve visibility into your operations

"From the initial contact with the Frontline team to the 1-½ days of live training, to the easily customizable product, to the outstanding and continuing customer service and technical support, Frontline not only met but in many ways exceeded, our expectations."


Michelle Berardinell,
Global Process Safety / Regional EHS Manager, Reichhold

"Frontline’s products have significantly reduced the time it takes to administer our training programs…In addition, this program makes tracking our management of change process easier and that assigned tasks get completed on time."


Jolleen R. Graf,
Safety & Environmental Management System Coordinator, MGP

"Frontline’s products have excellent reporting tools, automatic email notifications and reminders, and they are user friendly for administrators and end users."


Scott Patterson,
Manager – HSSE Assurance Program

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Industrial Safety Management

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