Health & safety inspection software

Frontline EHS software provides the structure needed to create an inspection process that’s easy to track.

Frontline EHS for safety inspections

Our action tracking tool, Frontline ACT, is perfect for documenting all the health and safety inspections within your organization.

What does health and safety inspection software do?

Performing regular inspections is a given for the EHS department, regardless of what industry you’re in. Health and safety inspection software provides a central storage location for all of your inspection documents so you can find the information you need faster.

This software also provides a standard workflow for your employees to follow. And that means everyone is using the same forms and checklists to complete inspections. Standardization makes it easier to compare information across inspections so you can make better decisions about what sorts of actions to take.

The last major benefit of EHS inspection software is that it allows you to track all corrective actions related to a specific inspection. Rather than managing these tasks through email, phone, and in-person, you can delegate, document, and store them all in the same spot. This reduces the burden of having to constantly track down the status of inspection-related action items and their accompanying documentation.

Safety inspection EHS resources

What to expect during an OSHA inspection and how to prepare

In this blog, we discuss some of the things you can do to prepare for an OSHA inspection.

Filling out a facility inspection checklist with Frontline ACT

In this webinar, we discuss how you can document a job safety analysis in just a few minutes using Frontline ACT.

Safety audit checklist from the Frontline content library

Use this free Word checklist to perform a routine safety audit at your site and to find improvement opportunties.

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