Change management software for Frontline

Make every change simple with Frontline’s easy-to-use MOC solution.

Tailored workflows for each change

No two changes are exactly alike. That’s why our Change Management software empowers you to set up custom workflows to suit the unique demands of each change.

the process of approval for changes in the frontline app

Instant notifications, efficient approvals

Sayonara to delays in approvals and chasing down signatures. Streamline the approval process with automated email notifications.

Informed decisions through simplified reporting

Easily generate comprehensive reports to analyze the success of your change initiatives, track compliance, and identify areas for improvement. Make informed decisions backed by data and drive positive change within your organization.

change management dashboard within frontline moc

In this webinar, we explore all the ways that change management helps our clients reduce risks and improve performance.

“Frontline’s products have excellent reporting tools, automatic email notifications and reminders, and they are user friendly for administrators and end users.”

Joseph Anderson,
PSM Superintendent, Kaneka

Change management resources

Frontline MOC change management process flow

This short video explain the standard change management workflow that our clients follow using Frontline MOC.

Streamline change management with MOC software

In this webinar, we discuss how Frontline MOC helps companies standardize their change management approach.

MOC is the most missed step in the process

In this post, EHS professional Jason Hathcoat discusses why so many companies overlook the MOC process.

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