Frontline toolbox talks

Talking points you can use for your next team meeting

What is a safety toolbox talk?

Toolbox talks are short, informal presentations that focus on a specific safety topic. The purpose of doing one is to increase employee awareness of safety issues in the workplace. While most of these talks only last for a few minutes, they’re very effective for providing refreshers and preventing incidents.

Tips for giving a talk

A good toolbox talk is detailed and engaging. If you can’t cover your topic in 5 to 10 minutes, it’s probably too complex. Keeping your focus on broader topics like hand safety or situational awareness is a great approach for getting your point across. When you’re talking about about workplace processes or equipment, try to use interactive elements. Demonstrate how to properly use equipment or how to follow the right steps in a sequence. Remember: not everyone has the same learning style, so using visuals is a great way to keep everyone engaged.

How often should I do toolbox talks?

Doing at least one talk per week is ideal for keeping safety top of mind. Pick a topic that matches a recent incident or process change. The more relevant your talks are to what’s happening around your site, the more impactful they’ll be.

If you can’t commit to weekly talks, try publishing a safety newsletter that your employees can read when they have the time. Communication is the hallmark of EHS management. Your team’s schedule should never stop you from sharing important information. Once you have a communication strategy in place, you can do toolbox talks on high-priority topics. Download our toolbox talk form to create site-specific content that your team can use!