Radiation Safety Training

Although workplace radiation exposure hazards have decreased significantly in the past century, it’s still important to be aware of how to prevent and avoid them. If you don’t have the resources to create your own training module from scratch, you’ve come to the right place.

This radiation safety training course from the Frontline content library covers all the basics you or your employees need to know. It starts out by explaining what radiation is and where it comes from. Then, it goes into the specifics of radiation exposure risk and prevention.

After finishing this free training course, you will know more about the:

  • Meaning of common radiation terminology
  • Presence of natural radiation in the environment
  • Presence of man-made radiation in the environment
  • Regulation of radiation by government agencies
  • Risks, effects, and prevention of radiation exposure

During the course, you’ll come across knowledge checks to ensure that you’ve understood the material. And you can always come back to the module for a refresher in the future.

If you’re interested in more training courses, you might consider looking into the Frontline learning management system (LMS). It contains more than 400 of these EHS courses for general training purposes.