Frontline for Chemicals

Reduce manual admin work & focus on what’s important

We’ll remove the friction and blind spots from your chemical management program so you can focus on safety and performance.

Maintain visibility into process and changes

Feel confident about the safety of all changes occurring within your chemical facility.

Minimize risks, maximize productivity

Avoid spills, improper storage, or mishandling of chemicals by improving training and process management.

Record and rectify safety incidents instantly

Document both near misses and incidents, and send out action items instantly from anywhere.

Customized change management solutions

Whether you’re covered under PSM, or just need better oversight of your changes, Frontline offers customizable change management. Ensure that your equipment, personnel, and processes are ready for the change. Sign off and approve with the click of a button. Reports and dashboards let you monitor implementations in real time.

various moc stages on the frontline app
viewing the high voltage electrical safety training on the frontline dashboard

Hassle-free HazCom and chemical safety training

We don’t have to tell you how important training is, but we can tell you how to simplify it. From chemical handling and storage procedures, to in-person emergency planning, you can create, assign, and track training with Frontline. You can even see who’s falling behind by using training status reports and dashboards within seconds.

Say goodbye to complex documentation

A near miss or incident comes with enough of its own headaches. Documentation shouldn’t be one of them. With our mobile app, you can detect, analyze, and report safety events straight from your phone. Then, notify affected parties and generate action items within minutes of the incident.  

incident details dashboard on frontline act

“Having a central, safe location for all of our events and action items to be collected, analyzed, and tracked has improved productivity and saved us countless hours”

Joseph Anderson,
PSM Superintendent, Kaneka

Chemical management EHS resources

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Hazardous chemical risk assessment form from the Frontline content library

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Workplace chemical safety tips and best practices

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