Process Safety Management (PSM) Software

Streamline Management of Change (MOC) for operational, organizational, and equipment changes.

Process safety management software for EHS professionals

Frontline’s simple, web-based Process Safety Management (PSM) software helps companies with the Management of Change (MOC) element of PSM. We make it easy to manage operational, organizational, and equipment changes in a systematic way in order to improve operational performance and lower risks. Based on OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) regulations, the software puts changes through a workflow consisting of checklists, reviews, approvals and other tasks to ensure that all changes are properly evaluated and that no steps are missed.

Frontline PSM Software

Making process safety management easier

We get it. You’re busy. Let us help you stay in compliance with safety regulators such as OSHA and EPA. Automate your workflow, simplify compliance and get more done with EHS Management Software from Frontline Data Solutions. Most importantly, you’ll minimize risk by improving performance and reducing environmental, health and safety incidents. Not to mention you’ll save time by replacing manual spreadsheets with a powerful yet simple web-based software. Through Frontline Data Solutions, you can manage and track everything from operational changes, to safety-related events and action items, to training, and so much more.

Trusted by customers around the world

“Frontline’s MOC and ACT systems have proved to be much better than our previous two systems. We have been able to keep all departments involved and MOCs progressing through the system.”

Joseph Anderson, PSM Superintendent

“We were looking for an MOC tool that was client configurable, had integrated action item tracking, and had a powerful Learning Management System tool. We found this in Frontline’s products. The easy to use and understand interfaces have reduced training and implementation time.”

Steven Lake, Plant Manager

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