Process safety management (PSM) software

Streamline PSM and Management of Change (MOC) for operational, organizational, and equipment changes.

User-friendly tool for EHS professionals

Frontline’s simple, web-based Process Safety Management (PSM) software helps companies with the Management of Change (MOC) element of PSM. We make it easy to manage operational, organizational, and equipment changes in a systematic way in order to improve operational performance and lower risks.

Based on OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) regulations, the software puts changes through a workflow consisting of checklists, reviews, approvals and other tasks to ensure that all changes are properly evaluated and that no steps are missed.

moc changes viewed on the frontline dashboard
action items and tasks on the moc dashboard

Cut out the noise

We get it. You’re busy. Let us help you stay in compliance with safety regulators such as OSHA and EPA. Automate your workflow, simplify compliance, and get more done with EHS Management Software from Frontline Data Solutions.

Digitize and simplify process safety management

Most importantly, you’ll minimize risk by improving performance and reducing environmental, health, and safety incidents. Not to mention you’ll save time by replacing manual spreadsheets with powerful yet simple web-based software.

entering the moc information and description in the frontline software

In this webinar, we explore all the ways that change management helps our clients reduce risks and improve performance.

“We were looking for an MOC tool that was client configurable, had integrated action item tracking, and had a powerful Learning Management System tool. We found this in Frontline’s products”

Steven Lake,
Plant Manager, Americas Styrenics LLC

Process safety management resources

A full guide to creating your PSM program

This guide covers the required elements of a compliant PSM program and how to create your own.

Frontline MOC change management process flow

This short video explain the standard change management workflow that our clients follow using Frontline MOC.

Streamline change management with MOC software

In this webinar, we discuss how Frontline MOC helps companies standardize their change management approach.

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