Corrective action request & tracking software

Frontline gives you the insights you need and the tools to implement and manage action items efficiently.

event stages on the frontline act dashboard

Track actions and gain visibility

Frontline’s action item tracking software is a comprehensive system for managing incidents, accidents, near misses, audits, and inspections.

Our solution makes it easy to document, communicate and investigate events, as well as track completion of resulting corrective and preventive actions.

Save time and reduce disruptions

Track incident responses and the status of critical tasks by pulling key response activities such as evidence collection and resolutions into intuitive reports and dashboards.

Manage incidents, audits, risk assessments, and complaints, alongside routine action items.

assigning out action item information to workers using frontline act
a report of team progress and action items

Status reports with a click of a button

See the status of action items and get visibility into outstanding requests. Gain instant insights into corrective action status, responsible parties, deadlines, and more. Every detail, updated in real-time, to help you make informed decisions faster.

Shed light on your corrective actions. Empower your team with a tool that’s as easy to use as it is powerful, and make corrective actions clear, visible, and actionable.

“Frontline’s products have excellent reporting tools, automatic email notifications and reminders, and they are user friendly for administrators and end users.”

Joseph Anderson,
PSM Superintendent, Kaneka

EHS corrective action resources

Creating a corrective and preventative action plan

In this blog, we explain how to create an effective corrective action plan that makes preventing incidents easier.

Emergency response coordination with action tracking software

This short video demonstrates how corrective action software helps you coordinate emergency situations.

Incident report form template from the Frontline content library

Use this Word template to document any incidents that happen at your facility and to get started with corrective actions.

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