Corrective action request & tracking software

Frontline gives you the insights you need as well as the tools
to implement and manage action items efficiently.

Track actions and gain visibility

Frontline’s action item tracking software is a comprehensive system for managing incidents, accidents, near misses, audits, and inspections.

Our solution makes it easy to document, communicate and investigate such events, as well as track completion of resulting corrective and preventive actions.

corrective action request software
capa software

Reduce risk and manual errors

Track how well you respond to incidents and the status of critical tasks by pulling key response activities such as evidence collection and resolutions into intuitive reports and dashboards.

Manage incidents, audits, risk assessments, complaints, alongside routine action items.

Save time and reduce disruptions

Remove the neverending back and forth by digitizing and standardizing processes across the organization.

Eliminate manual record-keeping and duplication of efforts by multiple owners — especially when activities are concurrent or involve sub-tasks.

Set automated triggers to ensure incidents are resolved within defined timeframes.

corrective action tracking

Digitize, simplify, optimize
critical processes

Save time, stay focused, and work smarter with Frontline EHS solutions.


Easily access a complete record of in-process, completed, and voided events and action items.
Hazard Analysis


Integrate custom and standard reports that can be printed or exported to dashboards or other programs

Recurring Action items

Assign and track recurring compliance tasks with ease. Quickly modify these tasks based on external events.
Hazard Analysis

Mobile friendly

Easily capture information from the field from team members with Frontline IOS and Google play apps.

User Roles

Manage users and assign roles to assist with corrective and preventive action items with a click of a button

Action Items

Assign action items with specific due dates to individuals, job titles, departments, or teams.


Designate leaders to confirm action item completion or request additional action.
Safety Management


View all open (in process) and closed (completed) action items and events in reports
Task Management


Configurable periodic email reminders and notifications on incomplete action items

"From the initial contact with the Frontline team to the 1-½ days of live training, to the easily customizable product, to the outstanding and continuing customer service and technical support, Frontline not only met but in many ways exceeded, our expectations."


Michelle Berardinell,
Global Process Safety / Regional EHS Manager, Reichhold

"Frontline’s products have excellent reporting tools, automatic email notifications and reminders, and they are user friendly for administrators and end users."


Scott Patterson,
Manager – HSSE Assurance Program

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