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Automate and digitize your EHS processes with Frontline
to improve safety, productivity, and compliance.

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EHS for manufacturing

Digitize your EHS processes

Digitize and centralize your EHS processes, data, assets, and workflows with Frontline EHS solutions so you can easily spot risk, inefficiencies, and areas of improvement.

Align your organization across the production line to follow SOP’s and gain visibility with automated reports that integrate data from across facilities. As a result, increase safety and compliance, have fewer disruptions in your operations, all while decreasing costs.

Improve productivity and visibility into your operations

EHS professionals manage countless moving parts, and most rely on hand-written travelers, bloated spreadsheets, and legacy technology.

Avoid critical information slipping through the cracks and corrective actions not being completed by digitizing processes with Frontline Data Solutions.

Manage your EHS processes with custom dashboards, thresholds, triggers, alerts, notifications, and approvals – on any device, all in one place.

EHS Inspection Manufacturing

Comprehensive EHS solution for
manufacturing operations

Get real-time visibility into data and processes to improve your EHS processes.

Task Management

Daily Operations

Set standard operating procedures for daily activities to improve safety and compliance. Create workflows to ensure corrective action tasks have been assigned and completed.

Safety Management

Safety Management

Reduce risk and disruptions to your operations by having a safety management program in place. Manage people, equipment, processes, and assets with a click.


Reporting & Resolution

Automate reports, thresholds, triggers, alerts, notifications, and approvals. Frontline provides you with actionable data so you can optimize productivity and safety processes.


Training & Onboarding

Train new employees, contractors, and third parties to ensure operating procedures are being followed and compliance is met.

Hazard Analysis

Compliance Management

Track and manage compliance tasks, permits, and other regulatory and policy requirements across your entire organization.

Custom Workflows

Create, manage, and edit custom processes in minutes. Segment based on any unique criteria that specifically fit your workflows.

EHS Resources for manufacturing

EHS Awareness

How to launch an effective EHS awareness training program

Training is an essential component of an overall effective environmental, health, and safety (EHS) program.

PSM Guide

Process safety management program: The definitive guide

Companies handling or processing toxic, reactive, or flammable materials in excess of certain quantities must comply with PSM rules.

Safety Practices for Manufacturing

Best safety practices in manufacturing

There are six key recommended elements of a successful Safety and Health Program.

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