OSHA Hazard Communication Training

OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard, often referred to as “HazCom,” covers the safe classification and labeling of hazardous chemicals and chemical products. The idea behind HazCom is that when businesses classify hazardous products and make the known hazards obvious, anyone using the chemicals will be better prepared to handle them safely.

This OSHA standard requires businesses to:

  • Identify the hazards that their chemicals pose to anyone who encounters them.
  • Create safety data sheets for all their chemical products.
  • Label each chemical product with its hazard classification information.

This free hazard communication training module and PDF from the Frontline course library teaches you all about these requirements and how to comply with them. After taking the course, you should know and understand OSHA requirements for:

  • Implementation of a hazard communication program
  • Creation and dissemination of safety data sheets
  • Labeling of hazardous materials
  • Training of employees who may be exposed to hazardous materials

You can save this course to your browser bookmarks or download the PDF and refer to it when you (or your employees) need a refresher.