Frontline for Oil & Gas

Fuel your safety program with Frontline

Get full control and visibility over your organization’s EHS program so you can improve performance all around. 

Simplify compliance

With all of your safety records stored in the cloud, you’ll be ready to provide documentation whenever, wherever. 

Anticipate audits

Invest in EHS software so you can track maintenance on everything from derricks to mud pumps. 

Reduce risks

Lower safety risks by coordinating preventative measures like PHA’s, changes, and employee training. 

Data as clean as your blowout preventer

Whether it’s employee training records or OSHA PSM documents, critical reports are easy to access and analyze with Frontline EHS. 

reviewing action items on the frontline dashboard
moc stages on the frontline dashboard

Be confident in the integrity of your operation

Our oil and gas clients track and manage things like equipment maintenance, audits, and inspections with our software. This leads to safer, more productive operations all around.

A safe work environment is a productive one

Using EHS software to administer changes, and track corrective actions reduces safety risks. So, your employees can work more efficiently knowing they’re protected from process hazards.

a visual representation of what a post startup checklist would look like in the frontline software

“Frontline’s products have excellent reporting tools, automatic email notifications and reminders, and they are user friendly for administrators and end users.”

Scott Paterson,
Manager – HSSE Assurance Program, Total

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