QUIZ: Have you mastered the basics of job hazard analysis (JHA)? 

Job hazard analysis is one of the 14 elements of PSM compliance and a useful tool for improving workplace safety performance. Take this JHA quiz to review the basics of job hazard analysis.

The JHA quiz

Tips for doing a JHA

Here are some tips for completing a successful job hazard analysis:

  • Collect feedback from employees upstream and downstream of the job (if possible)
  • Get manager input on the job hazards they see
  • Assign and track all the action items from your JHA
  • Review past incident data to assess the current job

Job hazard analysis with Frontline EHS

The Frontline EHS software suite has tools to help with each component of your job hazard analysis. We pride ourselves on providing user-friendly systems that are easy to implement and maintain.

If you’re looking for a way to easily coordinate JHAs, compliance audits, and more, then check out our software systems:

Frontline ACT (action tracking): Assign and track any of the action items from your audits.

Frontline LMS (learning management system): Coordinate job hazard safety training.

Frontline MOC (management of change): Streamline your change management process.

Frontline CSM (contractor safety management): Verify contractor safety compliance.