Case Study

NeoGraf Solutions

Company Name: NeoGraf Solutions
Date: April 2022

How Frontline EHS management software helped a leader in graphite mining and production improve transparency and automate workflows.

Improved Transparency with a User-Friendly Software Solution

For more than 130 years, NeoGraf Solutions has specialized in the production of high-quality carbon and graphite materials. From graphite powders and flakes to fuel cell batteries and automotive gaskets, their products have many uses.

This versatility has allowed NeoGraf to support many industries, including:

• Transportation
• Manufacturing
• Telecom
• Energy
• Construction
• Electronics

One of its amazing achievements was the invention of a graphite fluid sealant that replaced asbestos as a common building material. And other products like their GrafGuard® expandable flakes have helped prevent common fire hazards.

Behind the scenes, NeoGraf needed a way to coordinate the completion of its ISO 14001 goals. They turned to our team at Frontline Data Solutions for an EHS software system that could automate their action tracking and training. Since the implementation of this solution, NeoGraf has seen a positive shift in their safety culture and overall compliance.

Ensuring Environmental EHS Compliance

CHALLENGE: Many employees were hesitant to switch to an electronic system.

Getting buy-in for a new software system is difficult at all levels. NeoGraf’s diverse employee base had varying levels of computer skills and interests. They knew that they needed to streamline and standardize their EHS management, but they also needed a system that all their employees could easily adopt.

SOLUTION: Simple workflows for incident reporting, action tracking, and training modules.

The Frontline EHS software suite provided NeoGraf with a user-friendly option for their workers. In their own words, “even the employees who were hesitant or less tech-savvy at the start were able to use the software system.” With Frontline’s intuitive workflows, NeoGraf employees were able to adopt the software quickly and move the majority (if not all) of their tasks to the cloud.

CHALLENGE: NeoGraf needed more transparency regarding safety-related tasks.

The team needed more visibility when it came to the recording and completion of EHS projects and daily tasks. With a core value of integrity, it was very important that employees could work transparently.

SOLUTION: Automated reporting, tracking, and assigning of critical tasks.

The centralized reporting capabilities of our cloud-based solution made oversight incredibly easy and simple. Features like the EHS event database, report notifications and reminders, and task assignments ensured no overlap between workers. It also helped NeoGraf track critical tasks related to their ISO 14001 compliance.

“As a one-person EHS department, the software has given me back an invaluable amount of time. And if you’re worried about your employees being able to understand and adopt this type of setup, we have seen really great usage at our company. Even the employees who rarely check emails can easily use the system and perform tasks (in much less time than they used to). It’s completely worth it to make the switch.”

Amy Higgins

HSE Coordinator/RSO, NeoGraf Solutions

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