AmSty uses Frontline LMS to improve its training process from all sides

Since moving its training activities into our cloud-based system, AmSty has seen improvements in its EHS training program across multiple plant locations.

Meet AmSty

AmSty is a leading integrated producer of polystyrene and styrene monomer, offering solutions and services to customers.

It’s a proud member of the American Chemistry Council® (ACC) and a participant in its Responsible Care® initiative. 

Industry: Chemical Manufacturing

Company Size: 300+ employees

Challenges: Difficulty standardizing EHS training programs across plant locations

Solutions: Frontline ACT, MOC, LMS

Difficulty managing training at multiple locations 

As a leading producer of polystyrene and styrene monomers, AmSty is no stranger to complex operations. After a decade and a half, the company has grown to several locations, from Connecticut all the way to Columbia. 

If you’ve worked in EHS for any length of time, then you know how time-consuming the training element of compliance can be. From scheduling and administering training, to tracking on each worker’s requirements, there are many variables that can easily overwhelm an EHS team. 

When you add in multiple locations or contract workers, those difficulties quickly compound. 

It’s often hard enough to get everyone in a single facility on the same page. So, as AmSty began opening new locations, eventually expanding overseas as well, implementing a standard felt impossible. 

This is what prompted the senior leadership team to start exploring digital management solutions. They wanted a system that could help establish a standard training process and make it easy to manage training assignments. 

Inconsistent implementation of changes 

Another growing pain that AmSty experienced was the lack of consistency when it came to managing changes. At one location, in one leadership team, they could seamlessly roll out a change. But trying to roll out company-wide changes, across locations and without variation, became impossible. 

After all, how can you ensure that one team will implement a change the exact same way as a team in another state (or country)? 

You can’t. Unless you have the help of a digital management solution to standardize the process and centralize communication. 

Standard training programs and reports 

What drew AmSty to the Frontline learning management system was how fast it is to implement across all sites. Out of the box, the system provides tools for: 

  • Uploading and creating custom training content 
  • Scheduling training using the content library of 400+ EHS courses 
  • Tracking the status of all training requirements 
  • Managing training records and building standard or custom reports 

Implementing Frontline LMS allowed AmSty to set a new training standard for all its sites. With all the training records in a central location, senior leadership could better understand where training gaps existed and how to tackle them. 

As businesses like AmSty expand their processes, digital EHS management systems become more essential for introducing standardization and maintaining consistency. 

“On-time training completions have improved, and site leaders have taken an interest in their site’s performance.”

Brazil Guerrero, Training Manager

Standardize your training program with Frontline

Just out of the box, our LMS is able to deliver you high-quality EHS training materials and the ability to track progress.