FSMA 204 Checklist

FSMA 204, the FDA’s latest food traceability rule, lays out specific guidelines for businesses who produce food products in the United States. It covers areas of the supply chain with a high risk of causing food contamination, which are known as “critical tracking events,” or “CTEs.”

For each CTE, there are several key data elements (KDEs) that must be collected for FSMA 204 compliance. This checklist contains all the KDEs that businesses must track for each CTE. There are 5 total CTEs:

  • Growing
  • Receiving
  • Shipping
  • Creation
  • Transformation

This free checklist gives the FDA definition for each CTE and shows exactly what data points are required under the new traceability standard. Use it to start working towards compliance and ensuring your recordkeeping systems are ready to provide the FDA with any requested information at a moment’s notice.

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