What is contractor management software?

While hiring contract workers has many benefits for operational flexibility, it does come with its challenges. One of the biggest headaches of using contractors is ensuring their compliance with regulatory requirements. That’s why many companies are turning to contractor management software (CMS) to simplify this process and keep better track of their workforce.

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What is contractor management software?

Contractor management software is a digital tool that you can use to onboard, track, and verify contract workers. The purpose of this software is to keep track of contractor compliance data by storing it in one place. With it, you can:

  • Manage all your employee data
  • Oversee compliance with documentation and training requirements
  • Assign, schedule, and coordinate training
  • Upload important documents and keep them updated to the latest version
  • Verify the contractors coming onsite
  • Automate your compliance tracking system

Investing in a CMS system can completely transform how your team manages and engages with contract employees. This can boost productivity, improve performance, and keep everyone safer while on the job.

Top CMS features and tools

Not all software systems have the same tools available. While some providers offer full-service experiences, others offer only certain capabilities. Before you buy contractor management software, you should have a clear idea of the specific features and tools you need.

Contractor document management

If you’re looking to simplify your data management approach, then look for a software provider that allows you to upload and manage important documents. That way, you can keep updated versions of certifications, licenses, drug test reports, and more critical compliance data.

Automated notifications

Some platforms provide an automatic notification tool that can tell you of upcoming expiration dates for things like training compliance, permits, and licenses.

User management

Another feature of contractor software is being able to manage all employee data in the same system. You can easily manage permissions for users, assign training modules, update contact info and more.

Training and onboarding

Some systems also allow you to train and onboard contractors through the software. You can assign training requirements and have contractors complete them before they show up onsite. This can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to onboard new contractors. And it can also prevent project delays.

ID verification

Maintain a safer worksite with contractor ID verification tools like Frontline CSM. Using the mobile app, for example, you can scan a worker’s badge and immediately see their employee picture and whether they have all the required documentation and training completed in the system. With this capability, you can keep noncompliant workers out of your facility or worksite.

a screenshot of verifying and checking in contractors through the mobile frontline app

Benefits of contractor management software

The best benefit of upgrading manual processes to a digital approach is that it replaces and simplifies many administrative tasks. CMS can help you in other ways by:

  • Giving you full visibility over your contractor workforce
  • Storing all your contractor documents in one location
  • Reducing the time needed to verify contractor compliance
  • Allowing contractors to complete training requirements remotely
  • Making it easy to update important documents

Contractor management software is a great option for any company that employs temporary or contract workers, regardless of size. This is especially true if your workers are dispersed over a wide geographic area or across many facilities.

If you’re interested in learning more about Frontline CSM for managing contractors, check out the webinar below or schedule a demo with our sales team.

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