Managing a transient workforce with Frontline CSM

Having a transient workforce made up of contractors and freelancers is becoming a more common business practice. For many company, these workers present unique challenges that traditional workers don’t. But with the help of Frontline CSM, it’s easier to overcome these struggles by simplifying contractor management and improving your workforce oversight.

Frontline CSM for contractor onboarding

During this webinar, we discuss the Frontline CSM platform in more detail and explain how our clients use it for compliance.

Why is a transient workforce hard to manage?

There’s a lot of flexibility that comes with hiring temporary workers. Even so, this approach has its struggles, especially when it comes to maintaining regulatory compliance.

Safety training compliance

OSHA requires companies to ensure that all workers go through safety training. But whether you train all employees yourself or rely on third-party training, it’s still your responsibility to make sure everyone’s compliant. When workers are constantly on the move or coming in and out of the worksite, it complicates the compliance tracking process.

Process improvement

Employee feedback is essential for implementing process improvements. But gathering feedback can be hard if your employees work irregular hours or across many locations.

Company culture

Another challenge of managing transient workers is that building company culture is more difficult. One of the keys to developing a strong culture is having routines in place. Routines allow you to get to know your workers better and make them feel part of the team. With temporary workers, you have fewer opportunities to make those impressions and establish those connections.

What is Frontline CSM?

Frontline CSM is a contractor management software system for onboarding and managing contract workers. It helps companies manage compliance for all their transient workers from a central location—regardless of where the work’s being done.

Here are some of the things that you can do with Frontline CSM:

  • Upload and manage contractor documents (licenses, contracts, etc.)
  • Assign training requirements to workers
  • Verify contractor identities and training compliance
  • Check contractors into a worksite

These features make it easier to keep track of all the active contractors and those you’ve worked with in the past.

a screenshot of verifying and checking in contractors through the mobile frontline app

What are the benefits of Frontline CSM?

Whether you work with contractors, freelancers, or migrant workers, Frontline CSM has many applications and benefits.

First, the CSM tool allows you to log contractors in at the start of each shift. Having a detailed record of who was onsite at any given time can be invaluable for investigations for things like:

  • Time theft
  • Security breaches
  • Safety incidents
  • Process issues

Second, Frontline CSM takes away the headache of verifying third-party workers. Instead of manually reviewing a workers’ documentation, you can do it all automatically from the software in seconds. This drastically cuts down on the onboarding process and can prevent costly project delays.

Third, if you move your data management process to the cloud, you get instant access to important information. This is especially helpful if you’ve got workers in lots of different locations. You don’t have to dig through paper files to find contract agreements, safety documents, licenses, and certifications. Instead, you can just scan someone’s badge or enter their ID number to get the info you need.

Managing a transient workforce with Frontline CSM gives you back all the time you’d normally spend organizing documentation and onboarding workers. If you’re looking to upgrade your workforce management approach, schedule a demo with our sales team to learn more about it!