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In the March 23rd webinar Safety Training with a Remote Workforce, guest speaker Sheldon Primus and our CEO Ren Lu You discussed current trends in safety training and the outlook of this area.

Primus drew upon his knowledge as a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist and the Executive Director of National Environmental and Occupational Safety Training, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing high-quality employee safety training.

The future of safety training

On whether safety training will revert to traditional in-person methods, Primus said the way forward is hybrid. He asserted that businesses would have to adapt how they administer safety training—and some industries would still need in-person lessons for topics like PIT driving.

Primus and Lu You also compared in-house training and third-party training, mentioning the benefits of both remote solutions for businesses who want to scale and student engagement for in-person classes.

The webinar closed with a discussion of improving remote safety training. This included advice for making e-learning engaging and getting safety team members up to speed on effective training techniques.

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