Process safety management

training checklist

PSM training checklist

Implementation of an effective training program is one of the most important steps that an employer can take to enhance employee safety. Training is a process that takes place over time. It is an ongoing activity that requires attention and follow-up.

These are a few questions to think about it when implementing training for process safety management.


  • Have you identified who needs training? What are the job titles?
  • What safety topics need to be covered in the training? Are they appropriate to the job responsibilities of each employee?
  • How often will they need training? Will they get refreshers periodically?
  • How much time should be allocated to training each employee? Will they have time during their workday or will they require additional time off the job to attend training sessions?
  • Who will conduct the training sessions and how will you ensure that those conducting are qualified and knowledgeable on the subject matter being taught?
  • What type of learning methods will you use in conducting these training sessions (e.g., lectures, video, handouts, small groups)? Who will benefit from each different style of learning (e.g., visual people, auditory people)?
  • How will you ensure that everyone has retained the necessary information

Training frequency & documentation

Training should also cover refresher training for all employees involved in operating a process to ensure that the employee understands and adheres to the current operating procedures of the process.

The frequency of refresher training should be determined by each company based on its individual needs.

Good record-keeping is essential to complying with PSM requirements, but it’s also important for other safety reasons.

It’s important to keep records that affirm whether each employee operating a process has received and understood the training required by PSM.

The record should include the identity of the employee, the date of training, and verification that the employee understood the training.

For a more comprehensive overview of PSM check out our guide for implementing a process safety management program.