Onboarding New Employee Template

Create a standard onboarding process with this free template. It includes a list of 17 tasks that you should complete during this process.

The tasks fall into three main stages:

  • Pre-onboarding
  • Week 1
  • Weeks 2-4

This template focuses on the first month of onboarding because creating a positive experience during this time is essential for reducing turnover. But it’s important to note that you must consistently engage with employees for long-term success.

We recommend editing this template and expanding it in the several months following initial onboarding. In this sense, the onboarding process would extend over at least a 6-month period. During that time, you can check in with workers regularly to understand their barriers.

Not only is this valuable information that you can use to avoid turnover, it can also help you find inefficiencies and missed areas of opportunity.

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