Branden Raczkowski on manufacturing incident management [webinar recap]

During our free webinar Successful Incident Management in Manufacturing, Frontline CEO Ren Lu You talked with Branden Raczkowski about some of the best practices businesses can follow when performing investigations.

Branden is an experienced EHS professional who currently serves as the Director of Business Development for the popular online EHS community Safety Knights. In this webinar, he drew on his manufacturing experience to highlight some of the areas of opportunity businesses can tackle.

What to focus on

One of the major topics of this webinar was what to focus on when dealing with manufacturing incidents. Branden started off by reminding businesses to take care of affected employees before jumping to investigate.

When it comes to identifying incident trends, he suggested that it’s not always as simple as looking at historical records. In some industries, the seasonality of the work or the tenure of the employees could be as much of an indicator as past incidents.

Improving safety conditions

The second half of the webinar focused on the ways that manufacturers can create a safer environment in the long run. Branden reiterated that while EHS professionals can make an impact, they’re limited by the resources allocated to them.

The most impactful agents of change, he said, are top-level leaders who value safety and put their money where their mouth is. Branden recommended that businesses thoughtfully assess budget allocations to ensure that their safety departments have the resources needed to prevent costly incidents.

Connecting with Branden

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