Frontline Features: Training Reminder Email

Within any organization, it can become increasingly difficult to monitor all the training happening across departments without some way to track it. The last thing you want to do is spend time chasing down direct reports who haven’t completed their required training modules. But you can simplify this entire process by out a training reminder email when workers have upcoming courses or modules to complete.

Automated training email reminders

Frontline LMS allows admins to set up automated emails when users are approaching the deadline for the content they’ve been assigned.

A training email reminder can let workers know of upcoming or overdue assignments. It can also be user-specific, meaning it doesn’t go out to the whole team. This is great for internal reporting. You can create new emails to go out to certain departments or managers, so they can oversee training completion.

One mistake you want to avoid with this kind of tool is overusing it. Sending users too many automated emails can be overwhelming. You don’t want your team to start ignoring or deleting these reminders because there are too many.

Instead, be judicious about the frequency of emails you’re sending out, so users actually see the information you want them to review.

Reducing administrative burdens using reminders

A lack of oversight can put the company at greater risk of receiving regulatory citations for violating training requirements. But it can also drown your EHS team in administrative work, making it harder for real process improvements to take place.

With a dedicated workflow to let users know when their training is upcoming or overdue, you can alleviate some of that administrative burden. This leaves your EHS team with more time to walk the floor and make sure workers are practicing what they’ve learned in training.