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Two of the most important features to look for in an EHS software system are functionality and user-friendliness. That’s why we created the quick links feature within our own system.

Quick links allow Frontline EHS users and admins to navigate important information within the LMS, ACT, and MOC modules. They save users time by providing a comprehensive oversight over things like the status of training and/or MOCs.

Here’s a short rundown of the quick links within the Frontline EHS system. You can view these links from the dashboard homepage by clicking on “Quick Links” in the top righthand corner of the screen.

LMS quick links

Certification: View and add professional certifications that you’ve received.

External Learning: Document training that you’ve completed outside of the Frontline system.

Calendar: See your overdue or upcoming training items.

Course Test/Bookmarks: View your in-progress training items.

Curriculum: View all the training items that you’re assigned to complete.

Job Status: See all the jobs that you belong to and their associated training items.

Personal Data: View and update your basic demographic and contact information.

Personal Training: Document any personal training that you’ve completed (e.g., language courses).

Training Assignments: See your overdue, in progress, and complete training assignments.

Training Records: See all your training records.


MOC quick links

MOC Notice Signoffs: See all the MOC’s that you need to sign off on.

MOC Participation: View the in-process MOCs that you belong to.

MOC Personal Agent: Assign someone to act on your behalf while you’re out of the office.

MOCs Submitted: Access the status of any MOCs that you’ve submitted.


ACT quick links

Event Participation: Shows all in-process events that you’re involved in.

ACT Personal Agent: Assign someone to act on your behalf while you’re out of the office.


Help quick links

What’s New: See any new software changes or updates.

ACT Details/Overview: View WBT courses specifically on the Frontline ACT module.

MOC Details/Overview: View WBT courses specifically on the Frontline MOC module.

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