Frontline Features: Action Item Reports

Taking corrective action is perhaps the most important step in any process improvement or incident management workflow. Every day that passes without completing items can cost you big—both in terms of profit loss and increased risk exposure.

That’s why we developed Frontline ACT, an action tracking software system that allows our clients to keep tabs on the past, present, and future tasks within their companies.

One of the most popular features within our ACT system is the action item report capability. Using this tool can increase your visibility over pending action items and help you quantify how efficiently your team takes critical action on projects, incidents, and more.

What is an action item report?

An action item report is a comprehensive summary of all the tasks within an organization. Within Frontline ACT, you can build both custom or standard reports depending on what you want to see.

What is the purpose of this report?

There are many reasons why you might want to get a summary of your site’s corrective action items.

Project management: Keep projects moving along by tracking which tasks are still unfinished.

Incident response: Make sure you respond to incidents quickly by completing related action items in a timely manner.

Identify patterns: With the Frontline system, you can build creative reports to uncover more information. Find out things like which types of action items are consistently overdue or which users complete the most tasks.

Process improvement: Reports can help you determine the effectiveness of your processes. From there, you can decide where to make changes.

As always, the data you receive from any kind of report only helps if you deep dive and analyze it. Action item reports can tell you a lot about your company or facility if you take the time to compile them.