COVID-19 tracking & response software

Track, assess risk, and create a safer workplace with Frontline’s COVID-19 workforce safety software.

Optimize COVID-19 safety processes

Many critical industries cannot afford to shut down or interrupt production due to COVID-19. By utilizing Frontline Data Solutions your organization can implement training and processes to mitigate the risk of having an outbreak at the job site.

Train your workforce on company safety processes, manage workflows and track the health status of your workforce with Frontline’s platform.

Quickly implement COVID-19 safety processes

Track and manage COVID-19 safety training of your workforce in a secure cloud environment. Ensure that the processes in place are being followed to protect your organization and employees. Quickly make adjustments to workflows and processes for better hygiene/social distancing.

With health check-ins, contact tracing, training, and the ability to limit critical areas capacity, you can provide your team with peace of mind.

Automate alerts, reporting, and corrective actions

Identify, track, and mitigate any potential outbreaks at the early stages making it easier to mitigate potential outbreaks. Log events of COVID exposure, automatically escalate based on responses from daily or weekly intake questionnaires, and set up automated corrective action items.

Gain the visibility you need and the ability to take immediate action based on the data collected. Transform your COVID-19 controls for a safer workplace.

“Frontline’s products have excellent reporting tools, automatic email notifications and reminders, and they are user friendly for administrators and end users.”

Scott Patterson,
Manager – HSSE Assurance Program, Total

COVID-19 safety in the workplace

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