EHS solution for the cannabis industry

Easily track and manage processes with Frontline to improve production and ensure compliance, all while decreasing costs.

Cannabis Manufacturing Compliance Software

Stay proactive avoid disruptions

Whether it processes for environmental permitting, certification requirements, employee safety, hazardous waste, or material storage — Frontline’s cannabis manufacturing compliance software simplifies your workflows and removes bottlenecks.

Avoid costly business interruptions from incidents and fines that can come through noncompliance.

Visibility and control simplified

Centralize, simplify, and digitize any process, whether it’s internal audits, prevention programs, or creating new processes for hazardous waste – Frontline gives you the control visibility you need.

Build step-by-step workflows through tasks to ensure processes are completed with the utmost care and quality. Ensure nothing gets overlooked or delayed with custom thresholds, triggers, alerts, notifications, and approvals.


Remove friction and save time

Frontline is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to digitize critical safety and compliance processes.

Task Management

Compliance Management

EHS solution that helps your organization effectively, mitigate risk, and achieve compliance. Easily export reports for regulatory compliance and audits.

Safety Management

Audit Management

Monitor operations in real-time through safety audits and assessments. Implement corrective actions and manage operational changes with a simple click.


Incident Management

Increase efficiency and avoid disruptions by capturing incidents and near-misses. Limit risk by spotting safety and quality issues before disrupting production.


Training & Onboarding

Train new employees and third parties to ensure that all your standard operating procedures are being followed and compliance is being met.

Hazard Analysis

Reporting & Analytics

Collect data, automate reports and manage corrective actions in one place. Gain insights to drive action and alignment across the production line.

Custom Workflows

Create, edit, and manage custom workflows in minutes. Segment users based on any unique criteria that fit your operating procedures.

EHS Resources for cannabis & hemp companies

EHS Awareness

How to launch an effective EHS awareness training program

Training is an essential component of an overall effective environmental, health, and safety (EHS) program.

Root cause analysis

Root cause analysis for safety incidents in the workplace

Best practices when conducting root cause analysis for safety incidents and examples of questions to ask.

Safety Practices for Manufacturing

Best safety practices in manufacturing

There are six key recommended elements of a successful safety and health program.

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