5S Audit Form

Using this form, walk through your work area and assess whether your 5S program is working. The form focuses on each of the 5 areas of organization (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain).

It’s important to focus on both the physical work area and the people in it. You want to be sure that workers understand:

  • The importance of 5S
  • The site’s 5S procedures
  • Best practices for following 5S

As you perform your 5S audit, take notes on areas of improvement. Whether they be a policy change, a reorganization of a work area, or a better way to train workers—all ideas are valid during this stage of the walk-through.

Once you’ve finished the audit, you can revisit your notes and decide what (if any) changes you want to make. Note that the audit form is completely customizable depending on what format you download it in. Add or delete certain points within the form to make it more relevant to your site.

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