Simplifying the contractor onboarding process [webinar recap]

On February 23rd, 2023, we hosted a webinar with our CEO Ren Lu You to discuss the development of Frontline Contractor Safety Management (CSM).

Development of Frontline CSM

In the first portion of the webinar, Ren explained how the CSM system came from a collaboration with Houston-based professional services company Safety First Group.

In talking with SFG, he said, it became clear that simplifying contractor onboarding was something that many companies were trying to do. More specifically, people needed a better process for checking contractors into a worksite. And the idea behind Frontline CSM was that you could assign mandatory training to contractors and verify their compliance before allowing them onsite.

Current problems to solve

Ren discussed some of the main pain points that CSM tackles for our clients:

  • Travel costs associated with safety council training models
  • Complicated process for recording completed training
  • Noncompliant workers coming onsite
  • Coordination of contractors across multiple locations (sites, states, countries)

With a central documentation system like CSM, businesses would be able to coordinate the complex administrative tasks associated with these (and other) issues.

Further development

Given that CSM is the newest product in Frontline’s EHS software lineup, Ren covered some of the additional features and capabilities we’ve been exploring.

The two main developments he covered were flexible billing models to fit the needs of each client and printable badges for contract employees.

Ren further highlighted our team’s focus on collecting feedback from current CSM clients to create a system that offers a wide range of tools to alleviate contractor management headaches—regardless of industry. After all, simplifying contractor onboarding is something we can only do with the input of our clients.

Webinar Q&A

You can watch a full version (including the Q&A portion) of the webinar below.

If you think that Frontline CSM would be a good fit for your organization, you can reach out to our sales team for a demo.