American Airlines, Safety 2023, and new AIHA policies

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American Airlines retaliated against whistleblower 

As if you haven’t heard enough news about airlines in the past months, we’re starting the week off with another one! A whistleblower investigation initiated by OSHA found American Airlines retaliated against employees who filed complaints with the company and FAA. Flight attendants alleged the airline docked attendance points and discouraged them from reporting work-related injuries and illnesses. The illnesses reported were caused by toxic fumes entering aircraft cabins. OSHA proposed a penalty of $6,837 following their investigation. 

Safety 2023 open for registration 

On to the next news, it feels just like yesterday when we talked about Safety 2022 and now we’re here to tell you that one of the biggest safety events of the year, ASSP’s Safety 2023 is open for registration. It’s planned to take place between June 5th to the 7th in San Antonio, Texas. So, if you’re planning to attend, make sure to check it out! 

New public policies from AIHA

Last news of the week, the American Industrial Hygiene Institution has issued new public policies. AIHA’s three priorities for 2023 are: 

  • Protecting workers and the public from hazardous noise exposure 
  • Protecting workers and the public from thermal stress 
  • Strengthening the OEHS professional pathway and improving the learning and working conditions of schools 

In addition to these policies, the organization will be focused on encouraging more students to pursue careers in occupational and environmental health and safety. 

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