OSHA’s recordkeeping rules and a “Star” employer

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OSHA’s recordkeeping rules

We’re going to start this week’s episode off with OSHA’s – I’m going to say re-proposal, – of the federal occupational injury and illness recordkeeping rules because it is quite similar to the 2016 rule which was later rescinded.

Under current rules, establishments with 250 or more employees in general industries and establishments with 20-249 employees in designated industries are required to electronically submit their 300A form.

With the proposed rule, establishments with 20 or more employees in designated industries would still be required to submit their 300A. However, the current rule about establishments with 250 or more employees, not in a designated industry, would be removed.

In place of the 250-employee rule, establishments with 100 or more employees operating in designated industries would be required to electronically submit their 300, 301, and 300A forms. The proposal also includes a list of industries to which the rules will be applicable.

The increase in electronic recordkeeping will most likely improve OSHA’s safety data processing accuracy and speed but this has raised some privacy concerns for employers in the past, so we are curious to see what the comment period will bring.

A “Star” employer

You know we love sharing positive EHS news. OSHA certified the Walsh Group, which is a commercial construction management company in Seattle, as a “Star” employer in the agency’s Voluntary Protection Programs. Now in its 40th year, the VPP is the highest level of OSHA recognition for workplace safety and health excellence.