SafetyFOCUS, Starbucks adulteration, and EHS salaries

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Registrations open for SafetyFOCUS 2023

ASSP recently announced that SafetyFOCUS will be held in February 2023. According to the press release, the event will take place from February 13 to the 17th, both in person in Orlando, Florida, and virtually through Zoom.

40 industry experts will cover topics ranging from business and leadership skills, certification preparation, risk assessment and management, safety management systems, fall protection, and comprehensive worker health. Registration is now open for those interested in attending.

Starbucks faces adulteration allegations

A North Carolina-based coffee company has filed a complaint with Attorney General Josh Stein who likes to pursue consumer complaints. The company alleged that the Starbucks Corporation is adding high levels of potassium to some of its “100% Arabica Coffees” and not disclosing the adulteration to customers.

Spiked potassium levels do not present a traditional food safety issue. However, those with kidney disease could be harmed by elevated potassium levels in the bloodstream. Attorney General Stein has referred the complaint to North Carolina’s Department of Agriculture for the state’s initial inquiry.

Survey on EHS salaries

Last news of the week is about a survey conducted on EHS salaries. Half of the people surveyed were in construction and manufacturing, and 35% were aged between 50-60 years old with an average of about 10 to 15 years of experience in the field. According to the results, 22% of people stated that they make between $60,000 – 80,000, and 20% said they make between $100,000 – 124,000.

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