Stars, pollution, and the Future of Work Initiative

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OSHA certifies “star”

We’re starting this week off with some good news! This may come as a surprise but it’s not all about fines, penalties, and citations with OSHA. The agency recently certified a Hydroelectric Plant in Wolf Creek, Montana who is a part of OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program, a “star” which demonstrates the highest level of recognition for workplace safety and health excellence.

Pollution in Nebraska

Our next update is about a plant in Nebraska that piled pesticide-treated products on their land and collected millions of gallons of chemical runoff from the piles and wastewater for 6 years. The plant was shut down after a pipe burst last year but only after hazardous chemicals leaked off the land and into nearby drainage ditches and streams. Public health experts, led by the UNMC College of Public Health, are launching an investigation to determine the extent of the pollution by testing animals and taking samples of water, soil, and air. There are no comprehensive studies on the impact of the chemicals on humans, which is why the study could be groundbreaking for public safety.

The future of work

The last topic we want to touch on is technological job displacement. It’s been on everyone’s agenda for some time. Especially since Covid hit, technology has been disrupting our definition of workplace safety, the workforce, and even the concept of what a workplace looks like. We’ve been following the research of the “Future of Work Initiative” established by NIOSH. Their research and goals revolve around exposures and hazards, extreme weather conditions, policies, social disruption and other factors that impact the future of work. We’ll keep you posted on any updates that come our way.

In the meantime, stay safe and stay tuned for next week!