Safety in space, food recalls, and the new NSC report 

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NTSB to investigate space crashes

So, we talk about the safety space here on the podcast, but we’ve never talked about safety in space.

A bill was recently introduced to clarify the authority of the National Transportation Safety Board to investigate commercial space transportation accidents and other purposes.

In the new legislation, commercial space crashes where a person is killed, injured or if there is major property damage would be assigned to the NTSB which is the independent federal agency that investigates plane crashes. The bill would also require the NTSB to work in coordination with the FAA and to have an agreement with other government agencies to avoid confusion about authority. There were some blurred lines and confusion regarding the scope of NTSB’s authority so hopefully this will help clarify the processes.

Daily Harvest recall

In other news, Federal officials are getting an influx of complaints about illnesses associated with Daily Harvest’s frozen “Lentil & Leek Crumbles”.

As of mid-September, the FDA received 386 consumer complaints. Sick people have reported gastrointestinal illness and abnormal liver function, according to the FDA. Additionally, at least 25 patients have had to have their gallbladders removed. So far, 130 patients have required hospitalization.

The company initiated a recall of its Lentil & Leek Crumbles on June 17. All lot numbers of the product are subject to recall. If you have the product in your freezer, the company and FDA say it should be discarded immediately.

Safetytech to prevent workplace violence

Last news of the week, nearly half of U.S. employers report they are unprepared to prevent and respond to incidents on the job. In light of these worrying statistics, the National Safety Council recently released a report called Workplace Violence: Using Technology to Reduce Risk.

The report includes 10 tools and technologies like EHS software, wearables, and equipment that can help companies prevent, mitigate and react to potential incidents, while addressing workplace violence. Make sure to check it out on the NCS’s website.

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