Suicide Prevention Month, FL citation, & the Construction Committee

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Suicide Prevention Month

Ensuring the mental health of your employees is just as important as providing PPE, or training resources to employees. But it’s not touched on as often as we all should, that’s why we’re starting the week off by reminding everyone that September is Suicide Prevention Month.

According to OSHA, Suicide is a leading cause of death among working-age adults in the US and they’re urging employers to actively promote available resources to all workers.

If you believe a co-worker is at immediate risk of suicide, stay with them until you can get further help. Contact emergency services or call 988 for the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.

Florida contractor cited

Onto the next news, a Florida labor contractor was cited by OSHA after one of the workers died from a heat illness. The employer, Citrus Harvesting Inc., was cited for two serious violations, one for putting workers at risk of “high ambient heat” hazards and one for not ensuring that workers had first aid training, according to the news release. It’s critical to note that an effective heat illness prevention plan could have prevented this tragedy.

OSHA’s Construction Safety and Health Committee to meet mid-September

Last news of the week, OSHA’s Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health is set to meet on September 14th.

Federal Register published a notice stating that the meeting is slated for 9 a.m. Eastern and will be open to the public virtually. The tentative agenda includes:

Agency updates and remarks,

  • A discussion on the rulemaking for heat injury and illnesses and occupational exposure to lead among a few other things.
  • Comments and requests to speak are due September 7th so make sure to pencil that in.

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