Monkeypox, methane emissions, “Star” recognition

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Monkeypox now a global health emergency

We’ve been seeing the name pop up more and more and as of last week, the monkeypox outbreak has been declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization. The classification is the highest alert that the WHO can issue and follows a worldwide upsurge in cases. It came at the end of the second meeting of the WHO’s emergency committee on the virus. More than 16,000 cases have now been reported from 75 countries, according to the organization’s director-general.

Methane emissions observed in Permian Basin

On to the next news, the Mako station, owned by a subsidiary of West Texas Gas Inc., was observed releasing a potent greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. A 2021 aerial survey of the Permian Basin, conducted by Carbon Mapper, a partnership of university researchers and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory detected that 533 sites were emitting methane into the atmosphere. It’s critical to point out that these emissions are not illegal and also not regulated.

OSHA renews Star-Level recognition for Veolia

To end the podcast and start the week on a lighter note, let’s share our favorite type of news. OSHA has renewed the ‘Star Level’ designation of Veolia ES Technical Solutions for workplace safety, and health achievements. Veolia, which employs about 65 workers in Massachusetts, provides hazardous waste management, shipment, and disposal as well as environmental services.

OSHA first recognized the company in 2019 as a “star” site. The facility earned its latest VPP star renewal following a team of OSHA safety and health experts’ onsite evaluation in February 2022.