The EPA decision, food-related outbreaks, training grants 

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The Supreme Court’s decision on the EPA

I want to start off by saying happy 4th of July to all our listeners.

So, just last week we talked about the country being in the grips of heat waves and how scientists no longer doubt the fact that climate change is making matters worse. This week we’re opening with the fact that the Supreme Court has constrained the EPA’s power to regulate greenhouse gases.

The court has decided that the Clean Air Act does not give the EPA broad authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants that contribute to global warming.

The decision is considered a major step in the wrong direction, especially at a time when we’re witnessing the impact of climate change in our day-to-day lives.

As you all may well know, OSHA’s current HazCom standard (1910.1200) is linked with the third edition of the GHS. In February 2021, OSHA issued a proposed rule to update the regulations to align with GHS’ seventh edition. We’ll keep you updated on what’s in store for HazCom.

FDA investigates food-related outbreaks

On to the next news, we haven’t really mentioned food-related outbreaks much here on the podcast so this week we wanted to cover a little bit about what’s going on in food safety.

As of today, the FDA is investigating several food-related outbreaks of infections.

Sources of pathogens behind the outbreak infections have not been identified in five of nine outbreaks.

One outbreak of infections from E. coli has been declared over with 10 patients identified. Three other outbreaks from yet unidentified sources have seen patient counts go up in the past week.

The count for an outbreak for 2 strains of salmonella in non-identified products has increased to 56.
The count for an outbreak of Listeria went up to 22.

Lastly, an investigation of a hepatitis A outbreak linked to fresh strawberries continues in the United States and Canada. In the U.S. 18 confirmed patients have been identified with 13 of them having been hospitalized.

Susan Hardwood Training Grant

Last news of the week, the Department of Labor recently announced $11.7 million in Susan Harwood Training Grants to support training and education for workers and employers. This grant aims to help identify and prevent workplace safety and health hazards.
Administered by OSHA the grants will target disadvantaged, underserved, low-income, and other hard-to-reach, at-risk workers and employers.

Those who are interested can submit their applications by August 1st.