Enforcement program, employee safety, and food safety testing

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OSHA initiates enforcement program 

Last week, we talked about OSHA’s new recordkeeping proposal, in recent news OSHA announced it is initiating an enforcement program that identifies employers who did not send the 300A form through ITA. 

The program matches new inspections against a list of potential non-responders, meaning those who failed to submit their form, and reports these matches to the appropriate OSHA office. If the area office determines that an establishment on the list is the same establishment where the inspection was opened, they will issue citations for failure to submit OSHA Form 300A Summary data. 

It is important to emphasize that the agency will also identify non-responders at a corporate-wide level. This corporate-level review will be conducted for the nation’s largest employers and the initiative will begin in early April. 

State of Employee Safety Report 2022 

In other news, AlertMedia recently released its State of Employee Safety report for 2022. According to the study, 90% of working Americans say workplace safety is more important than ever before; yet only 54% believe their safety is extremely important to their employer. While 81% agree that executive leadership personally cares about employees’ safety, 64% believe their employer’s approach to emergency communication needs work. 

And when asked about training, 82% of working Americans report that their employer offers safety training, but only 56% report taking part in training more than once per year. 

Food safety testing market 

The last news of the week is about food safety. According to Global Industry Analysts’ recent report, the Global Food Safety Testing Market is expected to reach $24.4 Billion by 2026. 

Rising concerns over food and water safety and tightening environmental regulations are of course increasing the need to test for contaminants. Preventing food contamination and reducing incidences of foodborne illnesses is a major driving force for the expected market growth. 

In the meantime, stay safe and stay tuned for next week.