PSSR Checklist

A pre-startup safety review (PSSR) needs to be thorough and well-documented so that you can track any resulting action items. Remember, the goal of a PSSR is to verify that your process modifications do not create safety hazards for workers.

Our PSSR checklist series contains several different types of templates you can use for your reviews. These PSSR forms vary in complexity and contain a variety of questions that you would need to do when making a process modification. The PSSR checklist series includes the following types of reviews:

  • Generic PSSR
  • High complexity PSSR
  • PSSR completed tasks

They cover all the process inputs that could potentially create hazards, including (but not limited to):

  • Personnel training
  • Building layout
  • Internal hardware like pipes and valves
  • Equipment
  • System controls

With the pre-startup safety review checklist free download, you gain access to all these forms. Customize and combine the information throughout them to create a checklist that fits your business needs.

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