How to prepare for your next OSHA inspection [webinar recap]

In our webinar How to Prepare for Your Next OSHA Inspection, renowned OSHA lawyer Phillip Russell gave his advice on preparing for inspections (both planned and unplanned).

With more than 25 years of experience in employment and practical labor laws, Phillip’s insights during this webinar were extremely valuable for businesses across all types of industries.

Cooperating with OSHA

One of the topics discussed in this webinar was the relationship between business and regulatory agencies. According to Phillip, “there’s a balance when working with government” that many companies struggle to achieve.

Whether by overextending the welcome mat or creating a contentious relationship with the OSHA inspector, leaders often react to surprise visits on opposite ends of the spectrum. It’s important to react calmly to OSHA visits and ensure that you get all the information you need before allowing inspectors access to areas of your site.

During the webinar, Phillip gave multiple suggestions for how to train your staff to respond to OSHA visits.

Know your rights

Phillip also emphasized the importance of asking questions, something he said that you are well within your right to do. He made a point to dispel the myth that employers cannot prepare workers for OSHA interviews or debrief them afterwards.

When Frontline CEO Ren Lu You asked about best practices after an OSHA inspection, Phillip explained that proactiveness is key. He said that businesses need to take feedback from inspections and run with it, tackling safety issues immediately rather than waiting for a citation to make changes.

This, Phillip said, is an essential component of incident prevention and should be the company’s focus—not just avoiding regulatory citations.

Reaching out to Phillip

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