Layered Process Audit Form

A layered process audit (LPA) is a great tool for maintaining oversight of complex processes and systems. Before you can do one, however, you need to establish the audit criteria and schedule. Once you determine these factors, you can assign audits to people within each of the layers.

Use this layered process audit form to plan out your LPAs by filling out the audit criteria and schedule. This template provides an example checklist outline that you can use to build your own. It’s important to note that the audit criteria should be very specific to the process you’re auditing.

If you’re doing an audit to prevent food product recalls, your checklist should deal with food safety and traceability. If your audit is designed to reduce quality errors, then it should cover QA inspection components.

This layered process audit template is meant to be customized for each specific process. Make sure you take the time to properly plan out your LPAs before you start them, otherwise they won’t be consistent.

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