Rachel Walla on the latest in safety training 2023

For our March 2023 webinar, we hosted Rachel Walla, the founder of Ally Safety, a leading provider of professional EHS training content.

Frontline CEO Ren Lu You talked to Rachel about what she’s been seeing in the field of safety training and some of the emerging trends and pain points for companies across all industries.

[You can find a link to the webinar recording at the bottom of this post.]

Increasing learning retention and engagement

The problem that many companies run into is that their employees simply aren’t engaged during the onboarding and training process. According to Rachel, the traditional model of using a 45-minute session followed by a lengthy quiz as your training model is no longer the best practice.

During the webinar, Ren asked Rachel about some of the new best practices and training methods out there. She gave a few examples, including:

Microburst training: Short form training content that introduces no more than three concepts, followed by a short retention quiz.

Refresher training: Quick recaps of training concepts designed to remind workers what they’ve learned in the past.

She also offered some examples of ways that companies can make their content more engaging.

The future of training

In the second half of the webinar, Ren and Rachel covered some of the up and coming approaches to effective training. Rachel suggested that if companies have a chance to preview or test out immersive (videogame-style) training systems, they should.

Ren brought up the issue that many large businesses struggle to maintain training consistency across multiple sites. For this problem, Rachel recommended using a video format (rather than written materials) to ensure a consistent message.

Not only, she said, are videos more engaging, but they’re also more likely to be consumed (when compared to blogs, articles, emails, etc.).

Connecting with Rachel

Connect with Rachel Walla by going to the Ally Safety website and don’t forget to check out her YouTube channel for more great safety content.

You can watch a full version of the webinar below: