Ladder Inspection Checklist

Use this checklist to assess all your ladder equipment. Whether you’re using a stepladder, extendable ladder, platform ladder, or another type, you should do routine maintenance checks.

Look for things like:

  • Broken steps, platforms, or rungs
  • Rusty component
  • Missing or worn non-slip materials
  • Stuck or loose hinges
  • Defective or missing spreaders

When inspecting a ladder, you want to test all its features. For example, if the ladder is extendable, you want to expand it to its largest height. This way, you ensure that you don’t miss a critical function and suffer an injury once you get up in the air.

Access this free checklist and customize it for regular use. Don’t forget to use the “notes” section to jot down any action items regarding repair or replacement of the ladder and its components.

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