EHS solutions for

city management

Coordinate the health and safety tasks in multiple departments or locations using the Frontline EHS software suite.

Onboard Contractors

Carefully manage changes

The Frontline MOC tool provides a standard workflow that you can use to track changes to things like equipment, processes, and personnel.

You can also use our action tracking system, Frontline ACT, to log adhoc or recurring action items related to organizational changes.

This reduces the risk of prolonged downtime or a major safety incident.

Oversee employee training

Our learning management system has a library with hundreds of training courses for you to assign to your workers. Many of these courses cater to heavy industries like waste management, water treatment, and more.

Use the Frontline CSM tool to verify the identities of your contract employees and ensure they’ve got the proper training to safely complete the work.


Qualify Contractors

Digital ID verification

Our Frontline CSM tool allows you to verify whether your contract workers have completed their training requirements before letting them onsite.

Scan their badges with our mobile app and ensure that every city contractor is compliant with local and federal EHS training regulations.

Resources for municipal EHS management

We have several helpful guides and reports to help EHS professionals navigate the changing landscape of health and safety regulations.

Our template library full of free EHS checklists, templates, and forms that your team can use. Check some of them out below!

Frontline EHS gives you full oversight

Oversee the performance of wastewater treatment, hazardous material collection, water conservation, sewer maintenance, and more public works with EHS software for municipalities